With the changing industry dynamics, here are a few reasons why Azure DevOps is considered a big deal for Microsoft and the ecosystem.It’s easy to talk about Azure DevOps at a high level by highlighting how great it is when developers and IT Ops teams collaborate. But, how do you actually implement Azure DevOps ? Which types of specific tools and practices are required to enable collaboration?

Let’s dive into the details and know where all they are applied

• Making The Most Out Of Get Hub Acquisition
DevOps is all regarding the continuity and also the Microsoft desires to maximize its savings by connecting the dots across Azure and Get Hub. Microsoft blow most efforts to deliver the simplest client experiences and taking care of the ASCII text file keep in Get Hub repositories. With Azure DevOps, Microsoft created it doable to deliver the simplest CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) expertise for Get Hub comes.

• Moving Outside Visual Studio &Windows
With Visual Studio, Microsoft enjoyed smart market share just like Windows and Microsoft workplace Franchises. Microsoft becomes sure-fire in taking workplace on the far side Windows to Macintosh and also the net.
With the introduction of Azure DevOps, new age developers might attract additional UN agency aren’t abundant related to Visual Studio for contemporary app development.

• Best Cloud Platform For Open Source Projects With Azure
Microsoft put extreme efforts to make Azure as the best cloud platform for open source projects. With Azure DevOps, open source development is moved to the next level. It allows developers getting cloud-hosted pipelines for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows with unlimited minute’s ten parallel jobs for open source projects. It is certainly a big deal for implementing CI/CD projects.

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