Digital technologies create opportunities to develop various business models and serve customers in innovative ways. DevOps is developing phenomenon in IToOutsourcing industry and there is no hard rule that works for every software development company. In this blog, we will discuss the Top 5 DevOps Tools that every software development company should consider.

Let’s know about the tools in detail….


This tool is specially designed to turn machine data into accessible and usable information for all. Splunk’s key features include system guiding, provision of data-backed analytics and production of unlawful insights. DevOps engineer can gather operations related intelligence from Splunk’s insights to streamline productivity.


Apparently, the most used IT infrastructure monitoring tool used by DevOps engineers and DevOps industries all around the globe. Nagios provides high-quality network and log monitoring allowing DevOps team to pinpoint and fix code issues in less time. Nagios can monitor mission important infrastructure including services, operating systems, network protocols, applications and more.


Docker is a combined software suite that allows DevOps engineers to code, ship and executes distributed software. It allows software developers to put pieces of codes composed to assemble the software. Docker can work with any stack, gets rid of battles, improves security and streamlines production.

Visual Studio IDE

Developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio is an article rich integrated development environment or IDE for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, cloud, and web. It is a DevOps tool which allows developers to transcribe accurate code with context retention. Many DevOps companies commend Visual Studio as an option to consider.


This DevOps tool achieves configurations just like Chef or Puppet. Although the other two have a wide set of geographies, both are more costly and difficult to manage. On the other hand, Ansible gets the job done at a much smaller cost of money and human resources. Ansible also allows you to transcribe custom applications.

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