Hadoop Training
Hadoop can be deployed into a traditional on-site data center and cloud as well. Cloud computing allows organizations to expand Hadoop, without hardware to obtain or specific expertise. Cloud enables business the opportunity to move faster and be more responsive to the needs of the business.
Here below are various cloud services that are enabled for Big Data Hadoop platform

1. Hadoop On Microsoft Azure

It is a service that extends Hadoop in Microsoft Azure which means a cloud computing service introduced by Microsoft. By this HD insight with the cloud, organizations can spin up the number of nodes they want and only get charged for the storage and compute that is used

2. Hadoop On Amazon EC2/S3 services

Hadoop can run on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud it is a web service which provides secure compute capacity in the cloud. Amazon EC2 a particular process the Hadoop Application. There is support for S3 object store in the Apache Hadoop Releases.

3. Elastic Map Reduce In Amazon

Furnishing of the Hadoop cluster, running, terminating jobs and handling data transfer between EC2 and S3 are computerized by Elastic MapReduce. The Apache product Hive provides data warehousing services which are also offered in the Elastic MapReduce.

4. Hadoop On CLC

Century Link Cloud (CLC) provides Hadoop via both a managed and unmanaged model by Hadoop. The CLC also provides customers several managed Cloudera Blueprints cases which also include Cassandra.

5. Google Cloud Platform

There are numerous ways to run the Hadoop ecosystem on Google Cloud Platform feeding self-managed to Google-managed, it is called as a managed Spark and Hadoop service.

Cloud-Based Background Of Hadoop:

If there is a cloud lab, we don’t need to install or maintain Hadoop and Spark on a virtual machine. This provides a very strong comparison of what the companies are using now to grow their Hadoop installation scalability.

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