Understanding the business context is important to manage your organization’s cybersecurity. It enables a high level of visibility, security, and risk with which leaders can now lead to more data-driven conversations. It’s critical that security leaders understand how to prioritize their efforts in safeguarding their digital footprints with Cyber Security models. When trying to understand how to best allocate your resources and investments in Cyber Security, it’s helpful to ask a few key questions:

What are my biggest security program failures?

What is the expected impact of improving them?

Using new Remediation Forecast panel in Cyber Security, you receive a default action plan with the ability to customize it based on specific constraints and requirements unique to your security program. Using the entire suite of security performance management capabilities —Security Performance Management, Peer Analytics, and Forecasting — you can ensure that you have the information you need to make risk-based decisions around both how to prioritize remediation efforts and plan security investments. The performance, in which you make decisions, is important. By leveraging security ratings you can know and understand the effectiveness of your current security program, identify & control the gaps and failures, and determine the best allocation of resources that will lead to overall process improvement.

Forecasting Engine-

Forecasting engine allows you to run scenarios and assess the potential impact on your rating. It also allows you to see the impact of new security projects (ex: like what would happen if you change your incident response program or if you got hit with a botnet this year) on your overall security program.

Leveraging Forecasting engine helps to gain a quick assessment of the highest impact activities & their expected impact or to run more advanced scenario analyses to help determine the impact of changes in the program.  Forecasting allows you to leverage security ratings to determine realistic goals, track their progress, and report on program improvement and outcomes.

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