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The DevOps culture has made a considerable progress across the enterprises in various domains and continues to become even broad. The 2019 technology forecasts are still couple of months away, but some predictions are already being made that DevOps would become the next big industry revolution.
DevOps is turning into a typical culture for working for organizations that helps them stay competitive & helps them avail several other benefits. Enterprises are now inclining towards adapting DevOps on a larger scale. It offers organizations to convey their esteems rapidly and productively to their clients. This not only enhances the overall client experience but also empowers the development & operational teams to be more productive through effective collaboration.

Let’s have a look at the prominent features of DevOps in 2019

1. Security Is A Priority
DevOps is rightly commended for moving functional testing earlier in the development process. This move has enabled bugs to be spotted and fixed sooner, which has diminished the time period for deployment & production life cycle. Be that as it may, introductory emphases of DevOps delayed contemplation around security. Standard DevOps will begin regarding security as code, making the whole group responsible from the most punctual phases of the improvement life cycle.

2. DevOps Assembly Line Instead Of CI Pipelines
Pipelines help the organizations to envision the advancement procedure of their application from starting until the creation. At present, organizations are searching up for systems to robotize their total programming advancement cycle to accelerate the conveyance procedure. The future patterns will concentrate more on Continuous conveyance (CD) rather than Continuous combination (CI) and will move towards grasping DevOps sequential construction systems.

3. Docker Orchestration
Docker Orchestration innovation has started as a dependable way to quickly bundle, convey and run application outstanding tasks at hand without moving equipment or working frameworks physically. It safely compartmentalize applications and permit running them next to each other on a similar machine, for proficient asset use.

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