As applications move to the cloud, businesses typically complain concerning skyrocketing WAN prices also as latency problems once accessing apps. The much-anticipated advantages of a cloud transformation—greater potency and agility—seem to fade once the user expertise is failing and prices get out of hand. will organizations with success tackle their transformation comes to avoid these pitfalls and totally understand the advantages of the cloud? This question looks up for discussion, even among corporations that have already begun their cloud journeys.
The survey results demonstrate that there is no consistent way to approach a transformation project.

Network topologies for the cloud

Businesses are suggested to require holistic concerns into consideration throughout associate degree application transformation as early because the coming up with partThis implies that the choices for a cloud project mustn’t be started in isolation from one business unit, as a result of such thinking ends up in negative performance and coiling prices. If associate degree application is pushed into the cloud while not the network and security groups are concerned within the strategy planning stage, issues are inevitable.

Security for the cloud – from the cloud

Businesses must understand that a cloud-ready network should be built before deploying a cloud-based application, and part of the building process involves changes to the security infrastructure. If applications are to leave the network and a mobile user wants to access data in the cloud, security hardware at the perimeter becomes a bottleneck for this traffic. Here the second silo opens up. The security team must be invited to the table when a transformation project is planned.

Application, network, and security transformation must go with the same frequency

According to the survey, a third of decision-makers are already adapting security requirements as part of their transformation. Building on this progress, the network topology should also be cloud-ready to intercept bottlenecks as applications move to the cloud. All in all, transformation efforts in all three areas must go hand in hand and be planned jointly by all departments from the start.

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